Monday, March 1, 2010

When the Sun Goes Down, It Gets Dark

Friday, 02/26 Stats
Distance: 2.09 mi.
Time: 30:53 min.
Temp: mid-30's
Time of Day: 6 p.m.

My schedule got mixed up on Friday and I ended up not able to run until after supper. Silly me. I figured that if the sun set at 6 p.m. I'd still have plenty of daylight to run 4 miles. Hmm. I forgot that when the sun goes down, it gets dark. And I didn't think to wear my headlamp. So there was I was running at dusk, getting darker by the minute with lots of evening rush hour cars turning into subdivisions and side streets. Not a great environment. So as I came up on mile 2 where I turnaround, I called The Love Of My Life to come pick me up. So while it was short run, it felt great. And, I'd rather be safe than injured or scared.

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