Thursday, March 11, 2010

Looking Ahead

Distance: 1.2 mi.
Time: 15:00 min.
Warm up for strength training

First of all, I maybe should have swapped my Thursday/Friday workouts. It is, again, a beautiful day! The forecast was for cloudy skies all day Thursday with possible rain. But the dawn brought clear skies and abundant sunshine with temperatures in the mid-60s. Of course, the forecast for tomorrow is cloudy and rain. Maybe the weather guy will be wrong again.

I had a great conversation with Coach Jeni this morning about what happens after the half-marathon which is only 4 weeks, 3 days away. I have a couple of busy weeks following the race and I wasn't sure how much running I need to schedule. Also, what kind of training schedule should I be developing for after the race. We have no idea how I will feel about racing. So Coach Jeni suggested the following:
  • Keep running every other day after the race. The week after the race will be a rest & recuperate week so the distances will be shorter, but I definitely need to keep running. I haven't built up my fitness level to a point where I can take off several days so I need to keep to my every other day routine. If I am traveling someplace where I can't get outside to run, find a treadmill and do 2-3 miles on it.
  • After the race I can decide if I want to keep up the distance to run races or just want to run for the joy of it and the health benefit.
As usual, great advice from my coach and mentor. She's so smart!

On the fashion front, I went shopping last night with mixed results. The skort is out. Let me just say, I do not have Tina Turner legs. I ended up with 2 pair of capris and 1 pair of shorts. I couldn't find any shorts that I was comfortable in except for this one pair. I was reminded by the radio that it is only March and we can still have some really cool weather before it gets summer. So I decided that capris would carry me well into warmer months. Everything I bought was black which was a bit of a disappointment. Not that I was looking for a bright, look-at-me color, but I thought I might find something in a nice blue or maybe dark purple, but it wasn't to be. So I'm set now for a while.

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