Sunday, March 14, 2010

To (Double) Knot or Not?

Saturday's Stats
Distance 5.24 mi.
Time: 1:05:11
Pace: 12:36/mi.
Time of day: 12 noon
Temp: 45°F, 39°F Wind chill; cloudy, cold, rainy

Today was a great run despite the cloudy and cold weather. I had a great pace and felt strong throughout the run.

I learned 2 lessons today.
  1. I will double knot my running shoes from now on. This is the 2nd time I have had to stop to tie a shoe. I don't want that to happen during the half-marathon so the answer is, definitely double knot.
  2. No pancakes before I run. I made pancakes for breakfast for The Love and me. I waited a good 90 minutes before heading out to run. Honestly, if I had had to run more than my scheduled 5 miles, I think I would have needed to stop and throw up. Despite 7-Up when I got home my stomach was upset most of the afternoon.
Today was a really good run and I'm pleased with my training progress.

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