Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Can Run 10 Miles

Distance 10.05 mi.
Time: 2:11:56
Pace: 13:08 min/mi
Time of day: 10:56 a.m.
Temp: 45°F. Cloudy, cooler than it has been, slight breeze from the north

I am a double digit runner. That's what my son called me because I ran 10 miles. And, I ran it pretty strong. And I ran it at a 13:08 pace. And I sprinted at the end to finish. I am really happy with my run today. I believe I met all 3 of my goals for today's run.

A couple of notes about today's run:
  • My upper body got tired with about 1½ miles left. My left arm was really bugging me so I handed off my water bottle to Scott and he carried it to the end. I think that keeping my water bottle in my jacket pocket keeps my left arm slightly raised which caused it to tire out. (Is that the right way to describe it?) It felt so much better when I removed the bottle. I think I may need to carry a throw-away bottle of water on race day.
  • Every time I started to get tired I picked up my pace slightly. I am learning that it takes way more energy to run slower. (My apologies to Coach Jeni & Scott for making them run slow when they run with me.) So when I started getting tired I reminded myself not to slow down but rather speed up ever so slightly and regain my pace.
  • Keeping my back straight, running upright, really helps the breathing which instantly provides more energy.
I did pretty well keeping my arms moving straight ahead and not crossing in front of my body. And my breathing was much more rhythmic and regulated today. Yeah!

And one final lesson…Too much coffee before running means I have to stop at the Johnny On The Spot. But, hey, I ran 10 miles today!

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