Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 Begins

1 mi. in 14:12 min. (warm up run for strength training)

For my birthday Jeni bought me new running shoes. As mentioned in previous posts, I have this irrational fear that right about race time in April my current shoes will hit the 500 mi. mark (I logged 100 mi. on my current shoes this weekend.) and I'll not be able to run because the current shoes are too run down and I haven't broken in any new shoes. So, Jeni graciously and lovingly, bought me new shoes.

We went to Fleet Feet and received wonderful help from Christine. She measured my foot, asked me questions about my running style, checked out my existing shoes, and finally helped me decide on a new pair of Nike running shoes. (It's a bonus that they are pink!) She also helped me find a better sports bra and then had an indepth conversation about nourishment while running. She was awesome! I also came home with 2 different styles of performace socks to try out. (Who knew socks could be so technical?)

So this morning I followed her "break in" suggestions and wore the new shoes for a short 1 mile warm up run before I strength trained. I was very surprised that they were so comfortable to run in. I didn't feel like I was "breaking in" a new pair of shoes at all. But I will stick to Christine's suggestions and run in my (now) old shoes for tomorrow's 3 miles.

The bitterly cold weather has finally moved on east. I'm so excited for the warm up. (Whoever thought 30°F. would be considered warm.) It will be Friday, however, before I actually get to run outside. I am really looking forward to it!

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