Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh My Achin' Muscles

1 mi. in 13:30 min. (warm up run)
Strength training

I'm just joking about my muscles aching. I went to yoga last night and it was a very good session. Much better than the first one I attended a couple of weeks ago. When I got up this morning, The-Love-of-My-Life commented that I seemed a little stiff. I was feeling the yoga workout last night. But all was good once I started running.

Today was the fourth strength training workout. I am up to 3 sets of each exercise and it is challenging. When I got back home and started fixing breakfast I felt my muscles quivering. I feel fine this afternoon. I'll have to be sure to pay attention to how I feel tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow…I am so excited I will be able to run outside tomorrow. It appears the rain is out of the forecast so that is awesome. It will be fabulous to get outside again. Plus, I will get to wear my cool new Nike running pants!

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  1. Take 2 Advil tonight before going to bed as a swelling preventative. Keep drinking LOTS of water!