Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Official!

Day 1 Training
1 mi. warm up run @ 4.4 mph for 13:54 min. 0% incline
Strength training exercises

Today is the first day I am officially in training for my half-marathon. So how did I celebrate? By dropping my hair dryer on the middle toe of my right foot and cutting a deep gash in it. I am ignoring the throbbing in my foot right now. It will be fine by tomorrow morning and my 3 mi. run.

Today's workout was easier than I was anticipating. I don't know why but I spent most of yesterday evening worrying about crossing over to the free weight area of the gym. In the past when I have worked out with weights I used the Cybex machines available. I have only ventured over to the free weight area a few times. Maybe it is those gigantic 100 lb. dumbbells that intimidate me, who knows. But I did just fine. I started out with light weights, 7.5-10 lb. held in each hand. Thursday will definitely see weight added to all but 1 or 2 individual exercises.

It is dangerously cold here so I will be running indoors all week.

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