Friday, January 15, 2010

Outside at Last

3.44 mi. in 49:36 min.
3 min. walk to warm up; 2.5 min. cool down.
Temp: 41° F., no wind chill
Time of Day: 6:45 a.m.

Yeah! I got to run outside this morning. It felt great! It felt great to not only be outside but also physically I felt good. Jeni called last night to remind me that switching from inside on the treadmill to outside on the road with hills might result in more fatigue and slower times. She was right. I really felt my body work on the hills and I did have a slower pace time than on the treadmill. I'm glad she called me to discuss those things, but it felt so great to be outside running that I wasn't discouraged at all.

Today's running experiment included carrying a water bottle and drinking from it, and trying out GU. Mmm, yummy. The GU was fine. I ate it about halfway through my run so it didn't have a chance to actually provide me any nutrition. (According to Jeni it takes about 30 min. for it to get into your system.) But I was able to open it and eat it successfully. How was it? Definitely not a fine dining experience, but OK. I look at it as nourishment I need to run, so as long as I can manage to open it and it doesn't cause any problems, it will be fine.

The water bottle was very distracting. It wasn't carrying it that was the problem. It was the sloshing motion of the water. I tried holding it a couple different ways, but it was still distracting. Jeni suggested holding it horizontal so the water movement more closely matches your running motion. Also, she suggested purchasing a water bottle with a pull-up top. That way I don't have to unscrew the cap or worry about dropping it, both of which I did think about this morning.

I also wore the thin performance socks. I'm not too crazy about them. I'm going to wear the thicker ones tomorrow for my LDR and see how they feel.

Oh, BTW, I'm racking up the miles on my new Nike's. They have 4.44 miles on them now. :)

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