Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Am A Distance Runner

3.51 mi. in 49:45 min. 0% incline
.18 mi. in 3 min. at 3.7 mph to warm up.
3.1 mi. in 41:45 min at 4.5 mph
.23 mi. in 5 min cool down
Temp: 19°F, 8°F wind chill (I ran on the treadmill at the gym)

I ran today for distance. I ran 3 miles. (I walk to warm up & cool down.) So I conclude that now I am a distance runner. A short distance runner, maybe, but I run for the distance not the time now.

I almost didn't run today. My toe really hurt this morning when I got up and as I was hobbling around the kitchen I decided that I wouldn't be able to run. I was thinking that maybe I would just get on a bike at the gym and cycle for a while, but it was bitterly cold this morning. So after setting out the trash in the -12° F. wind chill weather, I decided I would wait this later in the morning to venture out. To my surprise my toe felt so much better by 11:30 a.m. that I decided to give running a shot. No problems.

I am really tired of running indoors and wish it would warm up enough that I can run outside. But the weather forecast is for this really cold weather to hang around for another week or so.

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