Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2

2.95 mi. in 40 min., 0% incline
5 min warmup, 30 min run, 5 min cool down
Time of day: 9:00 a.m.
Very cold today, low single digit wind chill

Was I up for another day of 30 min. continuous run? You bet. I was not stiff nor sore. That was not only a good sign but also a relief. I think I am doing a fairly good job of conditioning and gradually increasing my run time so that yesterday wasn't a big change. Also, I'm really glad I wasn't sore because it would have made running harder, but it wouldn't have kept me off the treadmill.

My 30 minute timed run covered 2.29 miles. Slightly better than yesterday. Yes, I admit it. I set the speed on the treadmill at 4.6 mph for 15 minutes, then backed off to 4.5 mph for the 2nd 15 min. I planned it this way.

I had a new experience on the treadmill today. There was a guy running on the machine next to me. At first he was running much faster than me, 6.3 mph. (Yes, I peeked.) But at some point I noticed we running at the same pace. Obviously he slowed down because I sure didn't speed up. But there we were, our legs moving in sync with each other. After 5 minutes or so (maybe not that long) I noticed that he had slowed down some more and we were no longer in sync. I momentarily lost my rhythm. The rhythm of running in tandem was gone. But it was cool while it lasted.

Here is the training schedule Jeni & I worked out.
Monday-strength train (routine from The Complete Book of Running for Women) with a 1 mi. warm up run.
Tuesday-Medium distance run (distance to be determined by Jeni)
Wednesday-rest with a 1 hour Yoga class in the evening.
Thursday-repeat Monday
Friday-repeat Tuesday
Saturday-LDR (cool running lingo for Long Distance Run) Of course, my LDR's will be like 3 miles to start.
Sunday-Short run (So if my LDR is 3 miles, what constitutes a short run? I'm just asking.)

I am so excited to be starting this personalized-just-for-me training plan. Plus, Jeni & the DGK will be here next weekend to celebrate my birthday. This week is going to be awesome!

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