Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick! Run Outside Before It Gets Really Cold

2.89 mi. in 36:23 min.
Time of day: 10:20 a.m.
Temp: 36° F, negligible wind chill
15 jog, 1 min. rest, 15 jog; 3 min. warm-up & cool down.

I had an amazing discussion with my coach/trainer/mentor, DD1, aka Jeni. We mapped out my training for the half-marathon and she called me a Runner. That's with a capital R. What a compliment!

I have been surprised at how my body is changing as I run more. The first thing I noticed was that I stand up straighter a lot more of the time. That in turn, makes my trunk look a little longer and sleeker. Hey, it's all relative.

I've never been a fanatic about my measurements. I kinda know the inches because I sew a lot, but unless the change was at least an inch, I didn't pay any attention. So after I started running last month I decided to track my measurements rather than expect weight loss and be disappointed. (Yes, Jeni, I hear you. You can't go on a diet when you are training for a half-marathon.) I figured that even if I didn't lose one single ounce of weight I would tone up my legs. So I made a comprehensive list of measurements on 11/30 and vowed to re-measure on the last day of every month.

Today being the last day of December I got out the measuring tape. No need to reveal the actual numbers, but I was really excited to see some changes. My thighs are each down 1/2", but the biggest change (and thankfully so) was in what I call my "belly" measurement. Most middle-age women will know exactly what I am referring to. That pouchy place at the belly button or maybe a tad lower. It comes from having babies and mid-life changes. Well, that measurement was down 1-1/2"! Yes, 1-1/2". I believe I will now start a new internet phenomenom called The Fast Belly Fat Weight Loss plan. Whatcha think?

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