Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

2.29 mi. in 35:13 min. at 1% incline

Sustained winds at 35 mph, gusting to 50 mph. Wind chills sub-zero. Sounds like a treadmill kind of day.

So off to the gym I went. One thing about the treadmill is that there isn't much new or different day to day. I did the following circuits: 2, jog 2 min/walk 3 min; 1, jog 2:30 min/walk 2:30 min; and 3, jog 3 min/walk 2 min. The 2:30 circuit was simply so I didn't have to think very hard about the clock. It worked out well. I am running at 4.4-4.5 mph and walk at 3.6 mph.

Last week I started doing this little yoga routine in the morning to help with flexibility and stiffness. I am surprised how much it helps. It comes from a very, very old issue of Real Simple magazine. I am going to add the Plank to the original 5 moves just to get some ab work in every day.

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