Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm So Glad I Run!

2.92 mi. in 41:38 min.
4-4/1 circuits, 1 5 min. jog, 45 sec. rest and 10 min. jog.
Time of day: 7:30 a.m.
Temp: 22° F. No wind chill

I am so glad I run! This morning was one of those morning when I used to beg off going to the gym because I didn't feel exactly right. I was a little sluggish and had a little headache. Six weeks ago I would have given in to the call to go back to bed. But today, instead, I donned my new Nike running pants and headed out of doors to run and get some sunshine.

It was awesome this morning! I played my music and started running. Near the end of the first 4 min run I was feeling great. Everything came together. My pace, my breathing, my foot placement and I felt almost like I could run for ever-well, o.k., maybe not forever, but I felt like everything was working the way it should.

I was feeling so good that on the 4th ciruit I ran over the 4:30 min, rested 30 sec. then began running again. I felt really good at the end of that 4 min, walked 45 sec. then finished up with a 10 min. run. It was great! I think I'm ready to transition to running the full 30 min. After waffling on the change from 3/2 circuits to 4/1 circuits, I feel ready to start making this transition.

I'm so glad I run!

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