Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Love My New Nike Running Pants

Friday: Merry Christmas Everyone!
Today, Saturday: 2.65 mi. in 38:04 min.

It was pretty darn chilly today when I ran. The wind chill was 16° F. with winds about 17 mph out of the west. But I was nice and toasty in the new Nike running pants DD1 gave me for Christmas. I have never had any kind of workout clothes as nice as these pants. They are black PowerDry material with this really soft and warm micro-fleece lining. Totally awesome!. Thank you, Jeni!

Jeni and I had a conversation on Thursday about the difference I felt when I changed my foot landing position. At the end of the conversation she said to me, "Mom, you are psyching yourself out about uping your circuits to the 4/1 routine. Just do it and quit thinking about it." So today I did. I ran 6 circuits of jog 4 min/walk 1 min. It was challenging. But I think part of the challenge was the cold wind I ran straight in to on the last half of my run. But I'm glad I made the change. It is such an empowering feeling to set a goal and accomplish it.

Jeni also gave me a t-shirt for Christmas that made me cry. It is black (a favorite color of mine) and says the following:

"I know I'm only competing against myself
I set goals and work hard to accomplish them
I understand the power of the human will
I strive to help others in their quest for success
I know that I can face whatever road lies ahead
I am not satisfied with the status quo
My true self shines through
I am a half-Marathoner"

So many of those words are very true for me; some of them I am still working on. I am touched, but not surprised, that my daughter is so perceptive. I love you, Jeni!

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