Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nursing the Ankle

I stayed off my ankle today as much as possible. It doesn't hurt at all when I walk, but I figure the more I rest it the quicker it will heal.

I plan to strength train tomorrow. I can warm up on the elliptical machine instead of running on the treadmill.

I am getting worried about my setback. I'm not sure how I'm going to make up for the week of training I've lost. My gut instinct to is run, run, run when I'm able to run again, but will it be too late to build up my endurance and stamina? What if I wear myself out?


  1. You are right to rest! Better to deal with a week of time off than a whole season becasue you've injured your ankle so seriously. Yes, you've lost some ground running, but that will be okay in the long run. Remember your finish the are training for that and will be able to achieve that. Stick with the program we've laid out. Don't run anymore than we've already prescribed. Running too much, adding too many miles, can cause more injury and create major set backs in the long run.

    Stick with it and I'm looking forward to running with you this weekend!