Friday, February 19, 2010

Forced Rest

Thursday's Stats
3.77 mi. in 48.39 min.
Temp. 39° F. 32° F wind chill

It was a glorious day to run yesterday and I would have made my 5 miles if only I hadn't twisted my ankle. Can you say klutz? I stopped to chat with my mailman as I was walking up the hill. (He's the 4th person to recognize me running along the rode.) Then I headed out. I turned right out of my subdivision on to the main road. (This is opposite of what I usually do. I wanted to find out how far I could continue down the road before I had a hill.) About .1 of mile on the road I was just running along and oops! I rolled my left foot.

The sharp pain really got my attention and I hobbled off the road onto the grass and held on to the utility pole conveniently located right there. Quick thinking took over and I immediately paused my running app. It took a couple of minutes before I could step, but my foot seemed o.k. so I walked a few steps then jogged very slowly a few paces. Everything seemed to be o.k. So off I went. Slowly at first, testing the foot. But honestly, it seemed o.k. Around mile 2 I decided maybe I should head home so I turned around.

If only I hadn't taken my shoe off life would be fine, right? But I did take my shoe off and that is when I realized that maybe, just maybe I really shouldn't have run on the ankle. I hobbled upstairs for a shower, then wrapped my ankle, sat down, elevated and iced it.

It is much better this morning, but I probably won't be running tomorrow. Bummer. But as Coach Jeni told me this morning, better to rest it completely than run on a strained, sore ankle.

So I'm moving on to heat on the ankle this afternoon. I didn't make it to the gym this morning so I'll try and get some shoulder work in later today.

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