Saturday, April 3, 2010

Strong Steady Strides

Distance: 6.24 mi.
Time: 1:20:26
Pace: 12:53 min/mi.
Time of day: 9:30 a.m.
Temperature: 51F, cloudy, overcast, rain in the area, windy

Kinda pokey today. Can I claim wind resistance again today? Actually I think one reason I ran a bit slower today was that my iPod switched off around mile 2 and I didn't have any music to help keep my pace up for the rest of my run. I think this is the longest distance I have run without music.

Because I didn't have any music tempo I made up a chant, "Stand straight. Strong steady strides." and repeated it like a million times. I started originally chanting, "Stand straight. Slow and steady." But I realized that the "slow" word was not a good affirmation word, so I changed it to "strong steady strides".

I also reframed the "hills" on my route. I realized that what I used to calls "hills" are not so huge to me anymore. They are actually just the rise and fall of the road. So I now call them "inclines". I know it is a small detail but it makes a difference to me.

I took my running shoes back to FleetFeet today to ask about how my left shoe is wearing. The left outside heel is really wearing down. The black tread is all gone and I have only 168 or so miles on these shoes. Jen at FleetFeet said the shoes were o.k. Appararently I just hit the ground harder on that heel than I do the right heel. She said it appears that I am wearing the middle of the shoe (where the ball of my foot) correctly. Jen also told me how to check inside of my shoe for toe indentations to gauge how the cushioning is wearing.

I also asked her about the blister/callous on my right foot. She suggested that my orthotic end right where the irritation starts and that or some reason my orthotic is creating an environment for my shoe and foot to rub. She said not to change anything with the race this close, but that maybe after the race I might want to try a different insert or even running with out an insert.

7 days & counting down!

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