Friday, April 9, 2010

Finding the Good in Resting

4 days & counting down.

Wednesday & Thursday are rest days, again. Actually I should call them "wait" days, because that is what I am doing this week—waiting for the race on Sunday.

It was really warm Tuesday and Wednesday (highs in the mid-80's) and I got out a pair of sandals to wear with my jeans. I love this particular pair of sandals! They are a great medium brown color, they fit like a glove, they have a great 2" wedge heel. And they make my legs look longer and thinner, especially in jeans. So as I was admiring how great I am looking in the jeans & sandals I realize that wow! my body is beginning to really lose the chubby factor. I still have the dreaded, awful midriff bulge thing going on, but my legs actually have some muscle tone to them. Believe it or not, my biceps have a tiny bit of definition. My butt isn't quite as saggy as it was 4 months ago. All in all, I'm liking the side effects of running.

3 days & counting down.

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