Friday, November 27, 2009

Running With a Trainer

2.63 mi. in 41:33 min.

Man, DD1 really made me work this afternoon! She is a great pacer. And because she is in such great shape she can keep me working at a high level. It was great. For the last circuit she changed the timing to a 2 min. jog/3 min rest. I surprised myself by handling it pretty good. I give today's workout a 7-8.

We talked about how long to work out at any given level. DD1 suggested that when I rate a run consistently at a 4 or 5, or every 10-14 days, I need to increase my jog time/reduce my rest time.

She also reminded me that the "rest" time is not a cool down. I walk during this time, but I need to walk fast enough to keep my heart rate up.

We continued the conversation regardng breathing. I was able to practise breathing through a stitch in my side. I think I need to practise deeper breathing; breathing from my diaphram, not just my upper lungs.

I'll get in one more run with DD1 tomorrow morning before DH & I head out for home. I have really enjoyed running with DD1. And I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. Thank you, DD1. 

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