Thursday, November 19, 2009

Learning Curve

Day 3. The fact that I have actually trained 3 days in a row is an accomplishment. Previous attempts at working out usually ended after 2 days. Add to that the fact that I have been rained on every day while jogging--well, let's just say that those who know me know I don't like to be wet, or hot, or sweaty. So why am I doing this?

One reason is because this morning when I woke up I felt really good. I had a bit more energy than usual. I wasn't foggy and sluggish. I actually rolled out of bed feeling happy. And that's an improvement.

I try to learn something new everyday. And, right now it's all learning about this running thing. How to figure out how to time myself. How to alert myself to time to jog, time to rest. How to run safely when it's pretty darn dark outside. So don't laugh, but here's how I equipped myself this morning: IPod for something to listen to, iPhone for timer(s), lip balm (gotta keep those lips protected), gloves (hands are the window to a woman's age), and a flashlight.

The flashlight batteries went dead about 3/4 of the way through the run. But I think until I can afford a headlamp this is a good idea. The gloves were a good thing, but did hamper my ability to check my progress on my iPhone. I am going to move some of my podcasts over to my iPhone so I don't carry the iPod. And, I really have to get over myself when it comes to checking my progress. The lip balm? Need I reiterate just how important soft, kissable lips are?

And, oh, did I mention I finished all 6 sets of the 1 min jog/4 min rest. All Six! In the rain! In the dark! In the cold-well, not really cold, but definitely chilly!

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  1. Head lamp is a great idea! I know listening to something helps pass the time, but be careful of running in the dark with headphones on. You need to be alert of everything around you (cars, people, animals) and in the dark your hearing becomes even more important.