Monday, November 23, 2009

And Let There Be Light

1.8 mi. in 40:47 min.

Wow! I used my new head lamp this morning. It was so amazing the difference it made in lighting my way. Thanks to DD1 for recommending this equipment to me.

And speaking of equipment…Note to self: do not restart iPod after starting interval timer. That's why there are 4 extra minutes on my time today. I am beginning to "feel" the time intervals and at one point I felt like I was over the 4 minute walk. I checked my interval timer and sure enough. I had changed what I was listening to on the iPod and it had shut off my interval timer. Lesson learned.

Tomorrow's lesson will be how to post to my blog when I'm out of town.

I may have mentioned how I really don't like to sweat. Well, I've started to sweat from my workouts. Not so much while I'm running, but when I get back home, sit down and gulp down the coffee. I suppose I will get used to the sweating thing. Hard to do what I'm doing and not sweat at some point, but I still wish I could magically workout and not get all sweaty.

Part of the reason for wanting to run this race has nothing to do with the physical challenge. It has to do with the mental challenge. I look back on my life right now and wonder, "What have I accomplished?" I am great at coming up with grand plans but rarely follow through. I don't know what makes me so sure I can follow through with this particular plan. I just have this feeling inside that the moment to do this is now. I am pleased that I trained 4 days (in a row) last week, took a day off to rest, and then didn't quit. I got up yesterday, a weekend day, and ran; I got up this morning and ran. This is more consistent than I think I have ever been about exercising. What probably seems like a small thing to everyone else is a big accomplishment for me.

Because of Thanksgiving this week I am actually thinking ahead to what time each day I will run. This is a change in thinking for me. In the past, I had the unrealistic attitude that no matter what was going on I would walk, or go to the gym, or whatever. I realize today that I really do need to think ahead and make a plan. Right now I am doing this in my head, but I finally understand the philosophy of making an appointment and writing it on your calendar to schedule workouts.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing what your plans are for running this week while you are visiting. I'd love to run w/ you if you want or will wait eagerly to hear about it afterwards if you prefer. Did you up your run to walk ratio this week or are you staying with 1 to 4?