Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot & Humid, But Not Slow

Sunday, July 4th
Happy 4th of July America! I am proud to be an American and I love my Country!

Distance: 2.24 mi.
Time: 25:57 min.
Pace: 11:35 m/mi.
Time of day: 8:00 a.m.
Weather: 81°F with high humidity

Yuck! The humidity has returned in full force. 

I ran on the track while The Love walked. (He's doing great BTW.) At the end of my run I was hot, really, really sweaty and smelly. But mainly I was surprised at my pace. I felt like I was really struggling with the heat, but maybe it was just I was running so fast. (Well, fast for me!) 

I'm pleased that I'm not sore from my long run yesterday. Could be those Advil's I took. 

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