Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On My Own

I had a total bummer of a day yesterday. The thunder was rumbling with flashes of lightening when I got up. No running in the morning. The afternoon forecast looked better and I felt sure that I would be able to run after my Weight Watchers weigh-in. (That was a downer. I gained .6 lbs.) There were severe thunderstorm warnings all evening. We had a tornado close by and it rained up until after 10 p.m. So I missed Tuesday's run.

However, with my workout paper from Kelly in hand I sweat through the gym routine this morning on my own. As I told The Love later, "It's not nearly as much fun when you don't have your personal trainer encouraging you." But I did it and feel really good.

Not every day is perfect I realize, but I'm glad yesterday doesn't happen very often.

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