Monday, April 18, 2011

Mondays with Kelly

Monday's Workout

Second meeting with my personal trainer, Kelly. I had a great workout! Those biceps are going to be sore tomorrow! I'll workout on my own Wednesday & Friday this week. Due to a business trip Monday & Tuesday, Kelly & I will meet again next Wednesday.

I really like the workout she designed. It uses quite a variety of gym equipment. Free weights, machines, floor work, balance ball, and these little blue unstable disks I stand on to do bicep curls. It's also amazing how much I sweat! Apparently I wasn't working very hard when I was doing weight lifting on my own. I never, ever sweat that much.

This morning Kelly had me doing some side ab work. My right side was burning when she said, "O.k. now roll over and work the other side." To which I replied, "Yeah. I decided I only want my right side to be firm for the wedding pictures". She laughed and said, "Yeah, no!"

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