Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

I forgot to write about my running shoes!

Here's my first ever pair of dedicated running shoes after 359 miles and apprx. 6 months of wear.
Dirty & Worn
Where's the black part of the sole?

Umm, the left shoe heel is MIA!
The guy at the running store assured me I had gotten every penny's worth of wear from the shoes. I was a little disappointed that they lasted only 359 miles; they are supposed to be 300-500 mile shoes. But not so disappointed that it kept me from buying the exact same shoe only now in purple.
I love purple for a change!

I also bought some new performance socks. They are Balega and they cost about $10 a pair. These are what the salesman recommended after I explained the trouble I had with my Asics socks sliding down inside my shoe. So far so good with the Balegas--and they are very soft.

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