Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Week So Far

Monday mornings I work out with my personal trainer, Kelly. I love Kelly even when she kicks my butt with a tough workout. Of course, sometimes I contribute to a challenging workout. Take yesterday for example. The gym has a big new workout contraption. (Seriously, I do not know what it is called, but it looks like an adult jungle gym.) The weight machines were moved around so that in addition to making room for the big new contraption there is also move personal training workout area. I noticed that in the corner the mirrors had been removed from the wall and I asked Kelly why. She said, "It's so you can use these," and she picked up this weighted ball and tossed it high up against the wall. Silly me, I replied, "That looks like fun." She handed the 12 lb. ball to me and I tossed it up against the wall. As I caught it Kelly said, "Now squat, come back up and toss the ball again." OK. No big deal. Yeah, right. She said, "Now keep that up for 30 seconds." Rest for 10 secs. Repeat. Rest. Repeat. Will that teach me to keep my mouth shut? Probably not, and man, do my shoulders ache today!

Tuesday morning is yoga morning. I've started going at 6 a.m. for Sunrise Yoga at the Agape Yoga Studio near my home. I think this class is actually a bit beyond my skill level, but the time is perfect for my schedule so I sweat my way through. The class instructor is awesome and she patiently helps me. Today as my legs were quivering through a pose I asked myself why I was there, but after class I felt great. So that's why I keep going back.

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