Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Foggy Run

Time: 47:28
Distance: 4.06 mi. 
Pace: 11:42 m/mi
Time of Day: 6:37 a.m.
Weather: 61°F.

After several days of 90° weather it rained last night and cooled off somewhat. But that created lots of fog this morning. It was overcast and cooler, but humid because of the rain.

It was a good run this morning. My ankle is bothering me and I have an appointment with the podiatrist tomorrow morning. It's strange that my ankle doesn't hurt while I run. It is just a bit sore. But now that's it been a couple of hours, I'm beginning to be careful how I put my foot down. I've been putting off going to the doctor because I am concerned she will find something seriously wrong and tell me to not run. But it's time. It hurts enough that it's negatively impacting life in general so it's time to do something.

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