Thursday, June 17, 2010

North Shore Half Marathon - Not!

Sunday, 05/13/10 - North Shore Half Marathon/5k
Time: 37:15 min.
Distance: 5k (3.11 mi.)
Time of day: 7:15 a.m.
Pace: 11:50 (m/mi)
Temperature: 63°F, cloudy, cool, light rain—A perfect day to run!

My enthusiasm for and commitment to running flagged the last month. The abrupt change in weather on May 21st really played havoc with my mind and my body. 

Up until May 21st the weather had been cool and rainy with highs in the 60's. On Friday, the 22nd, the sky cleared, the clouds parted and summer descended in one fell swoop. The temperatures soared to the 90's with humidity levels in the 60-70% range. It has remained like that ever since. 

My body had no time to acclimate and I found myself struggling to run 8 miles on my long run that week. That failure weighed on my mind and I started a downhill slide. I switched to running early in the morning (5:30-6 a.m.) and still I struggled. The air was always heavy and thick. My legs were wooden. I came back from my runs completely wiped out. I realized there would be no way I could log enough miles to be ready for the North Shore Half. No problem! I would run the 5k instead. 

But that decision allowed me to slack off training even more. After a week had passed I was beginning to feel like a quitter. So after a couple bad starts, I started running on the school track while The Love walked. With his encouragement I ran a couple of miles everyday. The race was approaching and on Friday, 06/11, I logged 3.1 miles. 

The race Sunday morning was really good. I paced at 11:59 m/mi. I even passed some other runners. I feel good about my performance, but a part of me wishes I had been able to run the half. 

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