Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Possessed and Pegasus Wins

Time: 35:07
Distance: 3.1 mi.
Pace: m/mi
Time of Day: 6:23 a.m.
Weather: 65°F. humid. It's going to be hot today.

My iPhone had problems this morning so my time & distance are approximate. I haven't had any trouble running with my iPhone since I upgraded to the iPhone 4. But this makes 2 times in a row I've had problems.

Last Saturday Runmeter didn't track all the miles I ran. I thought it was because part of the trail had tree cover. I just assumed the app couldn't get a good GPS reading. The problem today wasn't like that though. I was down to less than a mile to go on my run and the app "stopped", then the music started playing more than 1 song a time, the voice control app came on, then the music switched to an entirely different playlist, still playing songs really fast and overlapping each other. Seriously, it was like the phone was possessed. The music was weird, the voice control app kept starting and stopping, my Runmeter app kept starting and stopping. Finally, I just took of my headphones so I didn't hear all the weird noises. Once I stopped running I restarted my phone and that seemed to fix things.

Next subject…a couple of months ago when my feet were really hurting all the time, I bought a new pair of running shoes. I thought that maybe that was the cause of the foot pain. It wasn't. Things are better now. That's a different story.

But anyway I went to the running store to buy another pair of Nike Vomero's. That is what I started running in and have just continued to purchase them. They felt great except for the spot that always created a callous on my right foot. I figured it was just something runners had. But this shopping trip the store didn't have any Vomero's in stock. None of their other stores had any either so I bought a Nike Pegasus shoe.

Now, I know nothing about running shoes. I read the reviews but I don't follow the subject. I figure that's what the people in the running store are for. They should know which shoes will fit me and meet my needs. The Coach has worn the same style of Nike shoe for years. She doesn't even try them on anymore. That is what I hoped would develop with me and Vomero's. But it wasn't to be. So I was a bit apprehensive about switching model of shoes. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how the Pegasus felt when I ran.

When I figured out that the running shoes weren't the cause of my foot problems I decided to use the Vomero's for short runs and save the Pegasus shoes for long runs. Each shoe has it's own distinct fit and feeling but, I figured it would extend the life of my running shoes by switching back and forth. That was my thinking until my 10-miler last Saturday. I wore the Pegasus shoes and I noticed after the run that I didn't have the usual tender spot on my foot; no blister was forming. Wow that was awesome!

On today's short 3 miles I switched back to the Vomero's and sure enough, after just 3 miles I have the same red, sore spot. The callous didn't get a blister, but the area is tender. So I am a convert. Pegasus wins.

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