Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nike + iPod Sensor

No running or working out today. It's my scheduled rest day. Plus, it's been raining all day, as in thunder, lightening, rain. It's cooled off amazingly. Yesterday 95°F, today it's like 60°F. What a fabulous change!

So yesterday the UPS man left a little package on my front step. The Coach sent me a Nike + iPod Sensor to put in my shoes and track my runs. How cool is that?! She has had a sensor for a couple of years, I guess, and her handsome husband has one also. It came in very handy last Saturday for my big 10-miler. You know, when my Runmeter app failed me and didn't track my mileage correctly.

I feel pretty special and can hardly wait until Friday, my next run, to use it. It's already seated in my shoe just waiting for a chance to show its stuff!

Thank you, Coach!

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