Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Long Run

Distance: 10.02 miles
Time: 2:10:13
Pace: 12:59 min/mi.
Time of Day: 2:15 p.m.
Temperature: 63°F, very windy, party sunny

What a great run today! I admit to being a little apprehensive after the issues I had earlier in the week but today's run was almost glorious. It definitely would have been glorious if I had run only 8.5 miles. The final 1.5 miles were work.

I deliberately started out very slow on this run. I kept my pace between 13:30 and 14:00 for the first couple of miles. Then I picked it up to about 13:20. I stayed around that pace until I reached the 5 mile mark and turned around. I picked it up a little more around 5.5 miles, 12:55-13:05. I was able to maintain that until I reached approximately 8.5 miles. The going got tough then and I know I slowed down some. I did sprint the final .1 mile but it was tough.

Overall I am really pleased with my performance. I was not worn out when I finished. That's a first for me after a long run. I have been coming home and just spending the rest of the day on the couch. But I felt really good afterwards except for one issue.

The one issue is that starting around mile 8.5 my butt muscles started hurting. And they hurt like heck! They continued to hurt all evening. It is weird.

Funny story about my run today. It was really windy and as I ran out I was running into the wind. I wore my jacket because it was so windy. I'm running along thinking how pleasant it was, so cool and all, my hair blowing in the wind, no sweat running down my face…Then I turned around and headed back. Wow! It was awesome having a tail wind. I was moving right along. Then the sweat started dripping down my forehead and into my eyes. I had taken a couple tissues in case I needed to blow my nose. Oh, no. They weren't used for my nose but they did mop up a lot of sweat. My jacket sleeves have dark streaks on them from wiping sweat away. That little indentation on your top lip? Oh yeah! Mine filled with sweat and then spilled over. And to think when I was young I didn't sweat at all. Gotta love aging!

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