Thursday, September 16, 2010

Piriformis Syndrome

In layman's terms piriformis syndrome is (a) pain in the butt. 

After not running for 4 days and treating my sore "hamstring" with heat and ibuprofen I was feeling better. That is until I ran a whole bunch of errands and spent a lot of time sitting in my car. The all-too-familiar pain returned with a vengeance. I did some online research and I think I have piriformis syndrome. Because I don't have, and have not had, any lower back pain, I don't think it is actually the sciatic nerve that is the problem. 

I did some online research and came up with lots of information on how to treat this problem. It is going to require lots of stretching and then strengthening of the hip area. I also found some great info in my book, Running Well

I am very frustrated right now. First I had the summer heat to deal with and now this. I just want to run! 

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