Sunday, September 5, 2010

Add Distance Slowly

Saturday, 09/04

Distance: 3.88
Time: 48:57
Pace: 12:37 m/mi.
Time of day: 10:35 a.m.
Weather: Absolutely fabulous! Mid-60's, sunny, bright, breezy

I was really looking forward to running Saturday. It was an absolutely fabulous day! A forecasted high in the low 70's meant I could run any darn time I wanted to. So while The Love was out getting a haircut, I was out running. 

I did pretty well. I upped my mileage from 3 to almost 4 miles. Probably I should have done just 3.5 miles, because I did have 2 1-minute walking periods. Not terrible, mostly an indication of too big of an increase. The good news is I felt great afterwards and all day. 

A bit of good news. I weighed and checked my body measurements. I have had a really stressful summer and with the heat & humidity keeping me from running I knew I had gained a couple pounds. The good news is that my body measurements stayed the same and the weight gain truly was just a couple of pounds. Although the stress is still with me, I believe I can manage it better with running thus eating less. I sure hope so anyway. 

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